Zinitevi Testflight Installation Traps [2023]

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Zinitevi is a popular streaming movie app in these years. It isn’t available on Apple App Store, so users feel hard to install it. Some blogs and videos put out tutorials for installing Zinitevi TestFlight, claiming it is the only viable way to install it. But in reality, these installation methods are fake and trick users into installing the ads. This article helps you to identify fake installations of Zinitevi TestFlight.

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What is TestFlight Installation?

TestFlight is an official app installation method provided by Apple. An app developer needs to invite some users to test the app before releasing his app on the App Store. Using TestFlight technology, a developer can generate an invitation link to invite users to try the app for 90 days. After 90 days, users will no longer be able to open the app. Users need to wait for the developer to provide a new TestFlight link and reinstall the app before they can continue to use it. Therefore, the TestFlight link must be updated once every 90 days.

Fake Installation of Zinitevi Testflight

How to install an app using TestFlight technology?

To install an app using TestFlight, you don’t need to change the iPhone settings.

First, you need to download the TestFlight app.

And then, get the app download link generated by the developer using TestFlight technology. The developer will send your email invitation or the public link invitation to invite you to install the app.

  • When installing via email invitation, tap “View in TestFlight” or “Start testing,” then tap “Install” or “Update” for the app you want to test.
  • When installing via a public link, tap “Install” or “Update.”

What have the fake installations done?

The search engine results for Zinitevi TestFlight installation, with youtube videos and blogs, all mention themselves as the only valid way to install. Before they install, they prompt the user to go inside the iPhone settings and change the properties, such as changing certain properties of the general section, the battery section, and the app store section. These installation methods that require setting changes are fake installations.

In these fake installations, the next step is to ask the user to visit a download site with Safari and search for Zinitevi. After a start injection process, the installer asks the user to perform human verification before continuing the installation process. But the so-called human verification asks the user to install and run other apps. Even if the user finishes the installation as requested, he won’t pass human verification. The installer will ask the user to repeatedly install to get enough ad revenue!

There are many similar installation tutorials, and all of them are fake installations. Only developers can apply the TestFlight links; others have only fake TestFlight links. I suppose users to find the TestFlight link on Zinitevi’s official website or contact the Zinitevi developer. If you can’t find any TestFlight links, no official TestFlight link to the latest version has been released.

Zinitevi Download and Installation Methods (officially recommended)

Trusted Zinitevi download and installation methods, which are recommended on the official Zinitevi website(previously accessible on Github, this is now a 404 page), include:


Zinitevi is a perfect streaming media tool, but it has not been able to release on App Store because of copyright issues. Users should install it using the officially recommended installation method, including the officially released Zinitevi TestFlight link. But don’t trust unofficial fake installs to earn advertising fees.

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