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When it comes to the player for movies and TV, the first thing that comes to my mind is ZiniTevi.

The free movies you can access from the free movie apps include comedy, action, horror, drama, documentary, family, and many other types of films. You can also download the movies for watching offline.

ZiniTevi Download for Android and iOS

Zinitevi iOS APK provided by Panda Helper supports iOS and Android devices for free download and use. You only need to select the corresponding hack to download according to the device you are using. And the Zinitevi download from the Panda Helper also supports the Auto Touch and App Cloner hack features.

Zinitevi iOS APK Pros

– Zinitevi iOS APK hosts numerous TV shows and movies.

–  Ability to watch HD format content.

– You can watch TV shows or movies offline mode or online.

– Download and save your favorite movies to history and watch them later.

– Add new movies to the list of your favorite movies.

– The App supports a wide variety of devices such as Smart TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku, Wi-Fi sharing ability, and Chromecast.

– Synch your history and favorite series to the cloud.

– Ability to watch content without having to sign in to an account first.

– Add your best subtitles to your videos list.

ZiniTevi iOS APK

ZiniTevi iOS APK Cons

One of the major limitations of this App is that you cannot download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store but only from ZiniTevi download. But now we can download it from Panda Helper without jailbreaking.


Certainly, if you’re looking forward to experiencing these features and beyond, then it’s time to download the Zinitevi iOS APK from Panda Helper today. You will realize what you’ve been missing when you start enjoying the features in this App.

ZiniTevi for Android APK

ZiniTevi Apk is fully compatible with any device running on the Android operating system. This implies that you can run this App on your Tablet, Smartphone, Fire TV, or any other Android-based platform. As long as your device operates on Android version 5.0 and above, you should be able to download and install the App comfortably.

ZiniTevi for iOS

Unlike most third-party Movie Apps available today with limited or lack support for iOS devices, Zinitevi is compatible with virtually all devices running on the iOS operating system. Most importantly, you don’t have to jailbreak your iDevice to install your iOS Zinitevi mobile App. The App will quickly launch on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch device without experiencing any issues.


1. Should I Pay a Subscription Fee to Watch TV Shows and Movies on the ZiniTevi?

Certainly no. No subscription fee is required to watch your favorite TV shows on this App. Here, everything is typically free of charge.

2. What Devices Can I Use With the ZiniTevi App?

Zinitevi app runs well on both Apple and Android devices. The list below can help with more information.

·NVIDIA Shield

·Android Smartphone

·Android TV Box

·KODI Android Box

·Android Smart TV

·Fire Cube

·Firestick, Fire TV

·Android emulators

·Android Smart Watch


*Emulators are used to run apps on Mac OS systems and Windows devices.

3. Is the ZiniTevi Movie App Safe?

Absolutely yes. You have nothing to worry about your privacy or security while on the App. All the links you’ll come across in the App are not only secure but also reliable. The server links in the App are verified and trusted ones. The links are protected from malware, viruses, or other harmful,programs.       

4. Do I Need a VPN When Using ZiniTevi?

Not really. Although you can still use Zinitevi on a VPN, it is not required. However, if you still feel agitated about your security and privacy, you can run this App via a VPN. All you need is to switch VPN and then run the Zinitevi iOS APK.

5. Are There Ads in Zinitevi?

Indeed, the Zinitevi app is not ads-free. The reason is that advertisements are the primary source of income that helps the app developers cater to various expenses such as platform maintenance. Zinitevi movie app features ads, but they are not obtrusive compared to those you will find on free movie sites. Indeed, it is easier to ignore them and watch whatever you’re watching peacefully. Let’s say that these ads are typically the compensation you’re offering for whatever content you download or watch.

Using the Zinitevi movie app is the fastest way to access your favorite TV Shows and Movies in the comfort of your room. Indeed, the browsing experience in this App can be equated o the quantity and quality of the videos being supplied. It’s time to download your Zinitevi App and enjoy your movies anywhere.

Overview of ZiniTevi iOS APK

Are you have fun watching the latest movies, trending TV shows, and trailers? If yes, then ZiniTevi iOS APK is the place to go. The ZiniTevi app allows you to download and stream your favorite series free of charge.

One amazing feature about this App is that you can install it without having to jailbreak access on your iOS device or rooting access to get the Zinitevi Android installed. As if that is not enough, Zinitevi also works with a wide range of devices, including the following but not limited to Roku, Xbox, AirPlay, MiBox, Laptop, Window PC, and MacBook, among others. 

Another amazing thing about the Zinitevi app is that you can enjoy its content on 1080pp or 720 p content. You got a chance to watch the newest released TV shows and movies. The content in Zinitevi is properly categorized so that you don’t come across issues when trying to pick your favorite category. Zinitevi content is readily available and also updated regularly.

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