Guide: Tricks, Tips & Strategies to Main Hordes of Zombies and Rescue the City

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The mobile game consists of simple yet engaging gameplay without a dull moment; even experienced veterans will find a reason to brace themselves for the next horde fight. The guide of tricks, tips, and strategies may be helpful to you.

Probably, you’re the sole survivor of whatever disaster happened, and it’s your task to clean the city streets. Besides, you have to fight the living dead with power-ups and powerful weapons. Guide

Gameplay basics

As I mentioned earlier, has straightforward gameplay; you only need to hold out against hordes of enemies for up to a certain amount of time and then clear the stage. 

Just that Easy, right? But don’t be over-excited! This game is quite tough yet very rewarding. 

Most importantly, it’s elementary to learn. Keep learning about the various basics, which becomes a foundation for later victories. guide: tricks, tips & strategies

The following is the guide for you.

Movement is all you need

One thing you must do no matter what is to keep in motion. Your character fights these hordes with whatever weapons you’ve equipped them. 

For instance, Melee weapons are automatically swung and are off cooldown. Projectiles are designed to follow the targeting logic on their own.

Considering that, it’s important to position your fingers somewhere far from the way. I opt for the lower right or left of the screen. 

Movement is critical in swarm-type games, just like Stopping can as well as mean giving up and dying!

The Survivor! io Hack with high attack speed and god mode may be useful.

Level and gearing up

No matter what, you cannot be completely helpless against these tides of the undead. When eliminating an enemy, they have nothing but to drop an experienced gem.

Killing tougher foes means getting better gems, while weak and common enemies’ means getting a green gem that gives you a smidge of experience. 

More formidable enemies give better blue gems and, at times, invaluable yellow gems.

The more you collect these experience gems, the more your experience bar fills up, and once it’s full, you can advance to the next game level- a wide choice of items. 

Remember you have six passive item slots and six weapon slots in Weapons are shown on a yellow card, while passive items are shown on a green card.

Each level has three choices; by default, rerolling these is impossible. Skipping a choice is prohibited, i.e., you cannot drop a passive item or a weapon once you pick it.

Each item includes multiple levels. The more frequently you pick an item, the more you boost it. These can vary from straight liner upgrades, e.g., 8% cooldown per level, to advanced unorthodox fare, e.g., more projectiles, bigger projectiles, and faster time travel.

Both passive items and weapons feature level 5 as the maximum. The system also states that if you lose more passive items slots and open weapon slots, you have better chances of redrawing particular items, making it easier for you to level up.

Bosses and chests

After every 5 minutes, bosses must appear, and minibosses can appear after some waves, usually denoted by large size or red aura. 

Usually, these enemies are high-level priorities, particularly since they can deal with much damage compared to regular mobs. However, when you manage to kill them, they drop a chest.

Ideally, Chests include either 1, 3, or 5 items in addition to a large deal of gold. When claiming these items, the chest will only select items already in your fault; you can’t be screwed out due to an undue chest RNG.

Weapon evolutions

Even with as many boosts of items you may get from leveling up, they may not take you too far. For that very reason, you need to know how weapon evolution works.

Note that weapons and every passive item have a special relationship. If you have both the passive item and that maxed-out weapon, chances are that you can draw that weapon’s evolution when presented with a choice of selecting a given card.

Remember, evolved weapons usually replace their primary forms but are much stronger than their primary incarnations. 

The only limitation of this evolution system is that you’re limited to accepting certain passive items that include an active item. Otherwise, you might opt not to evolve items at all.

Make maximum use of pickups.

Avoid baddies or making a silly mess as you move around normally. You may notice some crates lying near you. Usually, these crates contain pickups, which are much more valuable later in the game.

There are four items you can easily receive from these crates:

Money is the most common item, but you can also obtain it by surviving after killing enemies. Money can be in the form of coins or even a sack if you’re lucky.

Meat is another item you can receive from these crates. Meat is used to restore a great deal chunk of HP. This is the fastest way to recover deteriorating Healthy by default.

Use Magnets to attract every experienced gem currently in your game.

Use Bombs to clear the enemy’s screen and also damage bosses to a great deal.

Common game tactics

Don’t stop moving

Unless hordes of enemies 360 degrees surround you, it’s very recommendable to keep moving. 

Note that enemies do not drop pickups; you must destroy them to get pickups. Whether or not you increase your pickup range, you must keep moving to gain more experience gems.

Remember, your speed of killing enemies determines your movement choices. That’s why it’s essential to dedicate at least one weapon slot for creating and upgrading a weapon that can help you break through a wall of enemies.

The offense is always the best defense. game demands that you slay the enemies even before they can come near you. 

Therefore, the offense is the best defense strategy in swarm-type games. However, remember you have only six slots for passive upgrades and six for weapons. 

Any upgrade influencing your survivability will take a valuable slot you could use for more firepower.

Being careful can help mitigate many damages that would otherwise happen; remember that reduced damage favors increasing your attack speed.

Energy mobile game comes with a fair deal of energy system. Make use of the energy system to your advantage.

Stage one events

The time frame is also important in the guide.

TimeStage one events
01:00Three purple shooter enemy small waves.
01:30Purple shooters replace the Zombie dogs.
02:00Large Horde: Common zombies increase.
03:00Enemy sprays are increased, armored zombie mini-boss spawns, and five purple shoots in small waves, forming a cross formation.
04:00Enemy sprays, armored zombie mini-boss spawns, and five purple shoots in small waves are increased, forming a cross formation.
05:00Boss: Regular zombies get replaced by armored zombies.
06:00Increased amounts of regular zombies forming a circle surrounding the player beside pink flies diagonally; sweep the screen.
06:30Pink fly waves and Circular zombies stop. Regular zombies are replaced with armored ones.
07:00Purple Shooters are free to spawn in.
08:00Horde: Large zombies, dogs, and a slug mini-boss.
09:00Replacement of regular zombies by purple shooters.
10:00Boss: Replacement of regular zombies with fast-moving red beetles.
11:00In the circular formation of tons of red beetles, the player is surrounded by pink flies that move diagonally so sweetly through the screen.
11:30The spawning rate is reduced from normal zombies to armored zombies.
12:00Increased spawn rate, one slug mini-boss, and armored zombies.
13:00Blue beetles replace armored zombies.
14:00Addition of Zombie dogs.
15:00Steelgnaster: the Final Boss.


I hope this guide has helped you pick something important for winning the beginner stage. Please leave us a comment below. Thank you for reading.

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