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Download Snapchat With Dark Mode

Before learning how to get dark mode on Snapchat without app appearance, let’s know more about it.

As we all know, Snapchat is a free application. It allows users to send photos and videos with captions to recipients in real-time.
Snapchat is designed for sending pictures and videos. But it also offers other features like text messaging, social media integration, and location sharing. It also has a video-sharing function called “My Story,” where the app’s users can post their daily moments.

The recently updated Snapchat dark mode is familiar to everyone. How can I use it? Let’s learn how to download Snapchat with dark mode first.

Here Snapchat ++ provided by Panda Helper supports iOS and Android devices for free download and use. You only need to select the corresponding hack to download according to your device.

In addition, the Snapchat ++ download from Panda Helper also supports the Auto Touch, App Cloner and other hack features.

What is the Snapchat Dark Mode?

The Snapchat dark theme is also known as the dark theme. It is a feature that can be turned on by setting the “Dark Theme” in the application’s settings.
Snapchat dark theme as it provides some functionality enhancements and complements the whole different storytelling experience of Snapchat.

It is convenient to use at night, in dim-lit environments. Or at night when you plan on using your phone for extensive periods. If you need to set your phone into sleep mode, you can turn it on but not close your app. It reduces eye strain while reading extended captions during video chatting.

The Tutorial of How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat Without App Appearance

After installing Snapchat and learning so much about it. Then let’s learn how to set the Snapchat dark theme on your iPhone together.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat++ that you downloaded from Panda Helper. Then go to your profile on Snapchat by clicking your “Bitmoji” in the top left corner as the red circle.

open Snapchat ++

Step 2: Then, select the “Settings Icon” in the top right as the red circle.

Click the setting icon of Snapchat

Step 3: Scroll Down and choose “App Appearance” as the red circle.

Get Dark Mode on Snapchat Without App Appearance

Step 4: Choose the “Always Dark” option as the red circle.

finish the Snapchat dark mode setting

Then you have finished the Snapchat dark mode setting. Please enjoy it.

Some FAQs of Snapchat Dark Theme You Maybe Interested

1. Can I use the dark mode on Snapchat for Android?
Yes, it is possible to use the dark mode on Snapchat for Android devices. Snapchat’s Android app update allows you to turn on the dark way.
You can download the Snapchat Dark Mod from Panda Helper. Then you can set the Snapchat with dark mode on your Android phone.

2. Why don’t I have a dark theme on Snapchat?
Although Snapchat dark theme can be a helpful feature, they do not have this option on their Android app unless you have the latest version. On its iOS App, you can use the Night Mode, which allows your phone to adjust the screen color according to your setting.
If you do not have the latest version of the application, you can download it from Panda Helper.

3. Are there more options than Dark and Light mode?
Yes, a third option for the Snapchat with dark theme is called the Match System option. Match System changes your theme’s display based on your device’s Accent color.

At last, about how to set the Snapchat with dark theme. Please download the Snapchat Dark Mod from Panda Helper, then follow the steps on the iOS device. If there are any doubts, welcome to leave a message bellow the article and inquiry us.


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