NBA 2K22 Mobile APK + OBB Free Download 2022

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NBA 2K series is a very classic sports game. Now this game is updated to 2K22. 2K22 follows the advantages of NBA 2K21 and retains the gameplay of its predecessor. It’s also much more straightforward in terms of gameplay and controls. The background, music, coaching, and players improved over the previous games. The NBA 2K22 is available here. Not only can you download NBA 2K22 for free on Android and iOS, but you can also earn unlimited money in the game. Even in the iOS version, you can use Cheat Engine to modify values in the game.

Download NBA 2K22 Mobile APK / OBB data / iOS for free

We provide APK version, OBB Data, and iOS version to download.

APK version and OBB Data can download directly through the following link, and iOS version need to use Panda Helper to download.

Note: When you see the Unknown Source prompt, please allow.

Note: If you cannot install the free version of Panda Helper, you need to purchase a VIP version first, and then you can search and download NBA 2K22 from Panda Helper.

Features of NBA 2K22 Mobile APK / iOS

NBA 2K22 mod APK is a modified version, which means when you install it and open it, you can get unlimited money, no ads, etc. iOS version provides the original version + Cheat Engine to modify.

APK: You can download the original APK version on GooglePlay, but you have to pay for add-ons as you play. If you download the Mod APK version on this page, it is always free, and you can gain extra game features below:

Unlimited Money. / No Ads. / 120 New Players. / Mega Mod. / No Root. / Free.

iOS: This iOS version is the original version. But if you choose Apple AppStore to download the original version, you need to pay $4.99/m to subscribe to Apple Arcade first. Or you can use our method on this page to download it for free.

More than this, you can use the Cheat Engine built into Panda Helper to modify game parameters, including money, character values, etc. Use Cheat Engine is the only permanent modification method for the iOS version that does not require jailbreaking.

NBA 2K22 Review

About Game Controls

In NBA2K22, your movements have been more optimized, and the details of “shooting” are impressive. Once you are familiar with the new timing, the perfect shot is easier to achieve. The overall pace of dribbling has sped up a little, and the dazzling moves such as changing hands dribbling have become a lot smoother. Defensive intensity seems to have increased a lot, and there is good feedback on physical contact. In other respects, it is similar to its predecessor.

In general, this generation of games is more balanced, and there is a gap between players. Players with good game controls have more room to play. If you read more tutorials and practice your techniques, you will feel your progress.

MyGM and MyLeague

MyGM and MyLeague are both modes from previous games. In MyGM mode, players are the team’s general manager and can make their own decisions on trades, contract renewals, and drafts. You have to manage the team and control the cash flow. MyGM mode is more like a real business.

In MyLeague, players have a lot of freedom. Not only can they force transactions, but they can even modify player data. If they want to watch Shaquille O ‘Neal shoot three-pointers, Curry dunk, no problem. You can even adjust the age of retired superstars so that Chamberlain and Dr. J can compete together. In MyLeague, there is nothing that cannot be done, only unexpected, which is a unique free experience.


MyTeam mod of 2K Series is compared with Ultimate Team mod of FIFA. So far, this is the most profitable model for 2K, and the one with the most significant number of players. In 2K22, MyTEAM mode in addition to the original basis, added: “Draft,” “Authentic Card Grading Service,” “MT Shoe Lab,” and other new features. “Draft” mode lets players feel the taste of the NBA annual draft. The overall operation of the “Authentic Card Grading Service” looks like the real world card box, more or less encouraging players to acquire the best card. The “MT Shoe Lab” allows players to enhance their shoe cards without being limited to fixed stats.


Although NBA 2K22 has a lot of bad reviews, it is still an unshakable king in basketball games! While we don’t see much change in terms of the game’s graphics, the game’s fluidity seems to have improved over the previous version. In addition, the change of shooting is also more comfortable, which can lead to a significant improvement in your shooting percentage. Overall, like a game without the same level of competition, it is still the most worthwhile basketball game to play. And installing the mod version will make you even more powerful, and the game experience will be smoother.


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