Introduction and Some Tips Sharing of the Bloons TD 6 Best Hero

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Overview of Bloons TD 6

Before learning about the Bloons TD 6 best hero, let’s learn more about it first.

Bloons TD 6 is a tower defense game from Ninja Kiwi, popular among gamers since its release in 2018. The game focuses on placing towers along strategic pathways to protect against bloons attacking from the other side. It with a wide array of towers, heroes, items, and upgrades. The game provides the player with multiple options and challenges their strategic abilities. This post will guide players on which hero is best for Bloons TD 6. And provide other helpful tips to make the most out of their experience with the game.

Bloons TD 6 best hero

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Introduction of Bloons TD 6 hero tier list

The Bloons TD 6 hero tier list is a progression tier list. It helps players decide which hero to choose, depending on the level and difficulty of the game. The list rates the heroes from F to S, indicating their usefulness in the game. F is the lowest rating and indicates that the hero is generally not recommended for higher-level gameplay. S is the highest rating, indicating that the hero is highly recommended for any game level.

The tier list also considers the heroes’ active and passive abilities. Such as the ability to target multiple bloons, or to place banana farms. Considering these active and passive abilities. The tier list frames a comprehensive view of the strengths and weaknesses of each hero. This information is helpful to players in making informed decisions while choosing the right hero for their game.

For example, Obyn Greenfoot is an adept scout. And a hero who can target up to 3 bloons at the same time. He also can place banana farms, providing a significant additional income to buy weapons and upgrades. With the fast cooldown of his abilities. He is ranked S on the Progression Tier List and is an ideal choice for most maps and difficulty levels.

What is the Bloons TD 6 best hero?

The best hero in Bloons TD 6 is Obyn Greenfoot, who is ranked S on the Progression Tier List. This hero has an array of special abilities. That makes him highly compatible with any level or difficulty of the game. Obyn has the power to target up to 3 bloons at once. Which makes him an ideal choice for taking down multiple bloons quickly. He also can place banana farms. Which provide an additional income for buying weapons and upgrades and are very difficult for the bloons to cross.

Furthermore, Obyn has a speedy cooldown time, allowing him to use his abilities frequently. This makes him an ideal choice for tightly packed levels, where the bloons must be conquered quickly. His abilities and the banana farms make him a mighty and versatile hero, perfect for any map and level.

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