How to Prevent Netflix Account From Being Hacked (2023)

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Hacking accounts is a significant headache for users. Maybe one day, when you log in to your Netflix account that has not been used for a long time, the account is filled with other people’s usage records. What’s more, the payment security is seriously threatened. How to prevent a Netflix account from being hacked?

While hackers can access a wide range of personal information. In this post, we will discuss the various ways in which hackers can get hold of your Netflix Accounts through illegal means. 

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How Do Hackers Get Access to Your Netflix Personal Information and Accounts?

Hackers can use several techniques and tricks to access your account. One such technique is phishing emails. This is a tool used by internet intruders to access the security information of your Netflix Account. The interlopers will send an email with an attractive business deal that can attract your attention to respond. Upon opening this email containing a malicious program such as the trojan horse virus, hackers will already have accessed your security details, such as your password and username.


Generally, the malicious email will network you to a different webpage that prompts you to log in to your Netflix Account. Indeed, this is the main reason why you should avoid logging into your Netflix Account from an unknown webpage apart from the official Netflix website or application. In other instances, hackers might have stolen your security details from other accounts such as FB. So you simplify the hacking process if you use the same login details in all accounts. Indeed, IT experts recommend you use different login details in each account. If intruders get access to one account’s security details, it won’t guarantee them access to other accounts.

How Can You Prevent Hackers From Getting Access to Your Netflix Account?

Your Netflix Account safety measures should never be compromised at any given time. As long as you have a registered account, hackers can gain access to it in case of negligence. Therefore it is imperative to embrace safety measures that reduce access to your account. They include but are not limited to:

Ensure You Use Very Strong New Passwords.

This is because if you use passwords frequently used in other accounts, such as emails and FB, hackers can finally access your password through the trial and error method. Ideally, avoid using the same password in all accounts and apps. Otherwise, you will be jargonizing your account, thus making it vulnerable to hacking.

Refrain From Signing in to Your Netflix Account Using Public Wifi and Computers.

The autosave password feature can leave your security details accessible to anyone, or the computers might have been affected by malicious programs such as trojans and worms to replicate your security details in other apps, thus compromising your Netflix Account security. So ensure to log in to your account while in a secure location to detect any signs of hacking in advance.

Try Not to Share Your Netflix Account With Unknown Persons.

If you’re saving money by sharing your account with someone else, you should agree to set rules with other users. A lot of people who share accounts have rules that you can learn from.


In addition, some people recommend logging out of Netflix Account after every session. Personally, when the account is used frequently and the password is too complicated, it is very troublesome to log out every time. I think as long as you do the above five points, your account is basically safe, you don’t need to log out after every session.

How Can You Tell Whether Your Netflix Account Has Been Hacked?

The surest way to know if someone has accessed your account is by checking the last watched tab on your account. For instance, if you discover an unfamiliar TV show or a movie on the tap, but you’re sure you have never watched it, then the chances are high that your account has been hacked. Your next move should be to change your account password immediately since this prevents further damage or future access. 

To check any suspicious activity that has happened on your Netflix Account, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Account and Pick the account in question.
  2. Click on the View Activity tap to regard the previous activities on the account.
    Note, a naughty hacker might delete the past watch history to avoid suspicion. If you can’t exactly remember your recent activities, kingly keep on reading.
  3. Account> Streaming Activity > Recent Device Streaming Activity in your Netflix account.
  4. You will view the location where the device that accessed your account was from.
    Scrutinize any strange logins from unknown areas or countries.
  5. If you come across unfamiliar login and location details, the odds are that an intruder has accessed your account. Don’t panic! you still have the authority of your account!
  6. Go setting, select Sing out from all devices.

By signing out your Netflix Account from all gadgets and using a new password, you’ve now blocked those accessing your account illegally. This time around, ensure to use a stronger password, just for your Netflix Account only.

What Measures Should You Take in Case Your Netflix is Hacked?

  • The first and most important step is resetting your password.
change password
  • If you have shared your account, try to remove them all.

If you share your account with your family, you can continue to share it with them after the account is retrieved. If you share your account with strangers, it is recommended that you do not continue to share your account after retrieving it.

  • Change the email attached to your Netflix Account.

A hacked account is most likely due to a hacked email, so it is necessary to change the email.

  • Use a new and a stronger password.
  • Update your payment details.
  • Inform the Netflix help team in case of a more serious issue.
  • Can you request assistance from Netflix? Of course, you can always contact them to resolve these issues.
netflix help


Although hackers are devising new and sophisticated hacking strategies, the good news is that you can prevent or make it complicated for hackers to access your Netflix Account. Certainly, suppose we embrace using stronger passwords, updating Netflix payment details, signing out your account from all gadgets to block unknown devices, among others. In that case, we can keep hackers at bay.

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