How to download GIF Maker Pro for free

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Many GIF Maker apps in the App Store are offered as free downloads, but you need to pay to use the PRO feature. This makes many users needing advanced features when making gifs have to pay for the PRO version features to continue using them.

GIF Makers

How can you download the PRO version of GIF Maker for free?

You can use the following method.
All the GIF Makers apps have the same functions, so we need to pick one of the GIF Makers apps to install.
Take this GIF Makers app as an example; you can download the PRO version for free.

gif maker imgplay

1. Use the following download link to install it.

2. It is the GIF Makers hack version; the hack feature is all the premium functions.

3. You must install it by Panda Helper. You can also search GIF Maker in Panda Helper.

4. If the Panda Helper Free Version is unavailable, you must purchase the VIP Version.

How to make a GIF using GIF Maker?

After installing GIF Makers, you can use it to make a GIF.

1. You can import Moments, Videos, Photos, GIFs, and Live Photos or opt for direct video.

import photos

2. Take importing images as an example, select several photos you need, and on the GIF editing page, you can add text, add a filter, adjust the size, speed, etc.

edit gif

3. Making gifs is easy, and you can experience PRO features for free with this hack version of the maker. Give it a try.

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