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CarX Street is a racing game that has been getting much attention lately. Although it is currently only the beta version, and only iPhone users can experience it, it still can not stop the majority of racing game enthusiasts from trying to play the enthusiasm. Not only because CarX Street is the fifth product of the CarX Technologies family, and the first four products of the CarX Technologies family have reaped the reputation, but also in the release of the beta version, players found that the game has high graphic quality, good control, and unique charm.


Racing games have different ways of operation. Because there is no physical joystick on mobile devices, many racing games use a virtual joystick instead. Some games have the joystick on the left and props like nitrous on the right. The gyroscope controls some to control the direction.

CarX Street is to use the gyroscope; the left side of the screen is the brake, and the right side is the throttle. For newcomers, the left-hand brake and right-hand throttle control mode make it easier to control the speed and not easy to crash.

CarX Street sets up various mission points on the map; players receive tasks at the mission points and get points after completion.

CarX Street mission point

The most significant feature of CarX Street is the open world; even if you don’t do any tasks, you can still play the game! You can drive freely in the game or play online. Also, the weather and day and night changes in cs are very realistic; unlike some racing games where the changes are instantaneous, the changes in the game are gradual.

The game also has a car customization system, where you can collect vehicles with various characteristics and customize the appearance, interior, and even high-tech weapons.

In short, CarX Street is much more innovative than other racing games, so many racing game fans are waiting hard for the release of the official version.

How to Download CarX Street

Download CarX Street From App Store

As of the date of this posting, CarX Street is only available on Apple’s App Store Russian region, so most users can’t search for this game in the App Store. You must re-register an Apple ID for the Russian region to download this game.
You can choose to register a Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian region ID on Apple’s official website. This article recommends registering a Ukrainian account because Ukrainian accounts do not require a credit card to be tied to the registration. And for users whose native language is not Russian, the Ukrainian account will be less of a reading barrier.
How do I register an Apple account for other regions?

Download CarX Street From Panda Helper

Another easier way is to download directly from Panda Helper. Panda Helper is an app store that integrates various original and modified apps. It is currently the most stable third-party app store available for iOS and Android.

carx hack in panda helper

On Panda Helper, you can search for CarX Street Hack. Don’t worry; this version is the same as the original version, as long as you haven’t activated the hack function.

You can visit Panda Helper’s official website, follow the pop-up prompt to install Panda Helper, and then search for the game in Panda Helper and install it. Follow the tutorial on How to install apps using Panda Helper to install CarX Street Hack.


How to download the CarX Street Android version?

There is no Android version of CarX Street yet, including the beta version, which is unsuitable for Android devices. So you can’t download the game for Android anywhere.

Of course, you can install an iPhone virtual machine on your Android device to run this game, but playing the racing game in a virtual machine will be much less effective; the speed and latency of the virtual machine is the biggest problem.

You can try downloading other games from the CarX series, which all support Android devices.

What is the release date of CarX Street?

The initial release date of CarX Street is 2022.4.22 on Apple App Store.

After that, the game developer said they hoped to release the PC and Android versions in September. But then the developer said that the PC version was too difficult to develop and postponed the launch date.

The current planned release date is 16 Dec 2022 on steam, and there is no news on when the Android version will be released.

Are there any other games like CarX Street?

The same racing games are the Asphalt series by Gameloft and the Need for Speed series by EA.

The same CarX Technologies family games are CarX Drift Racing, CarX Highway Racing, CarX Drift Racing 2, and CarX Rally.


As the latest game of the CarX series, CarX Street gets much attention. And the beta version released in April has also attracted players’ attention. Players are patiently waiting to release the official version. I hope that the release in December will not be delayed!

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