How to Download and Install Temple Run Hack App

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Are you still looking for the Temple Run Hack app in 2022? As you know, the installation file for the Temple Run 2 is no longer available on many third-party download sites. But there are Two Ways to download the latest Temple Run 2 Hack version on iOS.


What’s the Temple Run Hack App?

Download Temple Run 2 Hack IPA File

Two Ways to Install Temple Run 2 Hack

What’s the Temple Run Hack App?

Temple Run 2 is one of the games like Temple Run, developed by Temple Run designers. You will find that very familiar characters appear in the new gameplay. But you must do a lot of research to find the best strategy to get a match. However, due to the familiar idle gameplay, it did not bring too much pressure on players.

Download Temple Run 2 Hack IPA File

You can download the .ipa file of Temple Run 2 Hack from the following link.

Temple Run 2 Hack
Temple Run 2 Hack IPA File Download
NameTemple Run 2
DeveloperTemple Run Designers

Two Ways to Install Temple Run 2 Hack

1. Use AltStore to Sign Apps on PC

– Install AltStore on PC (Window 10)

First, open the AltStore official website and click “Windows” to download the AltStore installation package.

Secondly, after the installation is complete, search for the AltServer application from the search box (the lower left corner of the computer).

Install AltStore on PC

Thirdly, you will find a Windows Defender Firewall prompt will pop up when starting for the first time.

You must check the Private and Public Network, and please select Allow Access.

Lastly, AltStore will appear in the Windows taskbar.

– Install AltStore on iPhone

Firstly, open iTunes on the PC and connect your iPhone to your computer via a data cable.

Secondly, when a pop-up prompt is on your iPhone, click on “Trust.”

Thirdly, Click the Phone icon in iTunes to go to the Phone details page.

Next, Please pitch on Sync with the iPhone over Wi-Fi, click AltStore in the system notification tray – click Install AltStore – select your iPhone device.

Install AltStore on iPhone

Now, please enter your Apple ID and password and click Install to install AltStore on your iPhone.

Lastly, you’ll see AltStore on your iPhone.


– Sign and Install Temple Run 2 Hack by AltStore

1. Open Safari to download the Temple Run 2 Hack IPA file.

2. Click on the magnifying glass icon after downloading the IPA file.

3. You will find the downloaded .ipa file in the folder. Please click on the share button in the upper right corner, and open it by AltStore.

download Temple Run: Idle Explorers Hack

4. Temple Run 2 Hack IPA file begins to load.

When prompted, Please fill in your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In. (It must be the same Apple ID you used above)

5. AltStore will automatically install the .ipa file for you, which will appear in the Installed list below when it is successful.

Note: To avoid reporting errors, the installation isn’t complete. Please run the AltStore in the PC background while installing the application on your iPhone; and using the same Wi-Fi as your iPhone.

6. An essential point is Apps signed with your Apple ID are only valid for 7 days. To avoid expiration, you can have your PC run AltStore, and click Refresh All in iPhone AltStore to update all apps. ( Your iPhone and PC must be on the same Wi-Fi)

2. Use iSigner to Sign and Install Apps on Your iPhone

If you think Altstore updates are a bit of a hassle, consider using iSigner to install Temple Run 2 Hack. iSigner is developed by Panda Helper Team. And it is free for Panda Helper VIP members.

>If you are a VIP, you can search for and install iSigner from the Panda Helper VIP version.


>If you are not a VIP, you must become a VIP first. And download and install iSigner by visiting the iSigner official website or Panda Helper VIP.

After iSigner is installed, launch it. You will see “+” in the bottom right corner. Click it, and select the .ipa file to import it into iSigner.

Use iSigner to Sign and Install Apps on Your iPhone

Then, click the Temple Run 2 Hack IPA file in the iSigner list and select Sign this ipa. After the signing process. Choose Install to install the application.

install Temple Run hack app

Lastly, you will find the Temple Run 2 Hack icon on the screen.

 Temple Run 2 download

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