How to be a Model in BitLife

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Before we go through the steps of how to be a model in BitLife, let’s take a brief look at the game.

In recent years, the Sims game has become very popular, and many players are interested in it. In my opinion, everyone may want to experience multiple lives in the game. Because I also think it’s cool to experience things in the game that I can’t experience in real life. I can rewrite my life by making choices. Today I want to introduce a concise version of Sims: BitLife.

Introduction of BitLife

BitLife is like a combination of a narrative game + Sims. It uses relatively rare simulation gameplay, but the form of expression uses the mode of interactive novels.

In the game, you can’t see your character image, and you can live your whole life by clicking to increase your age. And it covers birth, secondary education, college education, work, marriage, illness, and death of a loved one. Each key stage requires the player to choose by himself during this process. For example, the junior high school prom, college choice, marriage partner, and workplace incident handling will all affect the outcome of the character.

In my opinion, the text narrative allows players more imagination and self-creativity.

Next, let us come to the focus of this article and learn the detailed steps of how to be a model in BitLife together.

The tutorial on how to be a model in BitLife

In BitLife, players can change life’s trajectory through some self-selections and some decisions. Many players want to fulfill their dreams in the game. Many players will search on the Internet for how to become a nun in BitLife, become president in BitLife, become a model in BitLife, and so on. Today I will introduce some detailed steps and strategies to become a model in BitLife.

how to be a model in BitLife

First, I purchased the Godmod and Bitzen. They are beneficial in completing challenges.

1. Join the Mean Girls clique in high school.

At this time, players should pay attention to their popularity must be close to complete. If they are dissatisfied, they can try to talk to their classmates. Secondly, we can join some clubs, especially cheerleading or sports clubs, which can also help increase our popularity.

how to be a model in BitLife 2

2. Became a famous runway model.

If you want to become a famous runway model, you need to start as a foot model first, then work hard to get promoted, and finally, you can become a runway model. The main reason is that you must look good and have a good relationship with your boss. Then you also need to run a social account in the early stage, accumulate fans, and soon you will be popular.

3. Achieve 90%+ fame.

After fame, you can choose to shoot TV dramas, but remember to screen strictly, such as in nightclubs, which will only reduce your fame. In addition, the social apps will verify and increase your fame a lot.

4. Publish a book about your career.

This also requires players to wait until they have a certain amount of fame before they can publish a book. But even if you have a certain fame, you can’t publish books yearly. It would be best if you tried your luck. If you encounter it, choose a book title similar to my personal experience and life.

5. Pose for a nude photoshoot.

This is quite simple. After gaining fame, there will be opportunities to take pictures almost yearly. Many of them are the requirements of nude. We need to complete it according to the requirements.

how to be a model in BitLife 3

The above are the details of how to be a model in BitLife if you have a better strategy, welcome to message us.

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