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Before learning Homescapes Cheats, let’s know more about it. Homescapes is a casual freemium puzzle game. It was meant to succeed in the 2016 match-3 game named Gardenscapes. The storyline discusses the endeavors of the game’s protagonist, Austin, aka Butler’s desire to restore his childhood residential home. However, renovating the mansion requires earning stars in various levels of different objectives. The way to get more stars is hard. Then let’s learn how to download Homescapes cheats for iOS and Pixel Car Racer Mod for Android without jailbreaking.

Homescapes cheats overview

How to Cheat Homescapes

Next, let’s learn how to cheat Homescapes, download and use it, and its cheat features.

Download Homescapes iOS Hack and Mod Apk

Homescapes Hack, provided by Panda Helper, supports iOS and Android devices for free download and use. You only need to select the corresponding hack to download according to your device.

First, we need to go to the Panda Helper official website and download the Panda Helper from it.

After the Panda Helper is installed, search the Homescapes in it. Then you can download and install and enjoy it.

And the Homescapes Hack download from the Panda Helper also supports the Auto TouchApp ClonerCheat Engine, and App Clone hack features, waiting for you to explore.

Hack features of Homescapes

  • Infinite Moves
  • Infinite Booster

Gameplay of Homescapes

Homescapes takes after the game’s main character, Austin adventure, arrives at the mansion he used to dwell in during his childhood and attempts to restore it. He is determined to persuade his parents not to sell the estate as he tries to decorate the place. To help Austin accomplish his mission, a player gets a task to achieve in the To-do menu and solves them in the match-3 puzzles.

Gameplay of Homescapes Cheats

Assignments include installing new stairs and restoring the primary hall status by having a pet: a cat. After completing all the puzzle levels, a player will earn in-game currency and a Star reward vital in achieving the subsequent tasks. Moreover, coins are crucial when buying power-ups and lives to tackle puzzle levels or customizing mansions to feature over 100,000 design patterns. A player can pick out furniture, wallpaper, and other expensive decorations.

Both the Homescapes and its predecessor Gardenscapes have very similar gameplay. For example, a board for every puzzle comprises colorful books, teacups, bowties, lamps, buttons, and teapots. A player can swap two close items and match about three or more. Although Playrix just added a unique power-up for the predecessor Gardenscapes Spin-off. 

How to play Homescapes cheats

Since it was released, the game has been continuously updated to include other features, such as the Daily bonus. The developers also include a more robust framework of repetitive events available for a limited period, mini-games like the Paper Planer Generator and Cake o’clock Flint’s Adventure, among others.

In a word, the new gameplay is waiting for you to explore.

Highlights of Homescapes Hack

  • The game features one of the best-detailed art styles.
  • The game is highly interactive, and each item carries its history and story.
  • The theme background music and the game’s family atmosphere gives it a relaxing mood and is full of surprises.
  • Unique gameplay: assist Austin in renovating his childhood house by connecting matching pieces
  • Interior design. Conceive and work toward how you want each room to look like
  • Beautiful match-3 levels that include unique boosters, tons of fun, and explosive combos
  • Three beautiful king-size mansions; be curious enough to discover the secret of each of them.
  • Fantastic characters: be around them as they fully live their lives as you interact in the entire game social network, the Homescapes theme.
  • You’ll see a cute pet and meet a fluffy and naughty tomcat.

Something About Homescapes Hack That You Maybe Interested

How many levels are in Homescapes Hack?

Homescapes Hack has about 2850 levels, although more are expected in future updates. We’ve established that the highest level in the game is at 3740.

Is Homescapes appropriate for kids?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids play relevant games free from questionable features. For that reason, Homescapes is one of the simplest match-3 puzzle games for junior and senior kids. It involves decorating a simulator with zero objectionable content.

How many days are there in Homescapes?

Homescapes include 2850 levels. Area and rooms for family gathering mansion has 11 locations which can take about 57 days to complete

Which devices does Homescapes Hack support?

This game’s iOS and Android versions, and you can download them from Panda Helper.

In conclusion: don’t hesitate. Let’s play the Homescapes hack and experience the Homescapes cheats together!


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