Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats

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Here we collect Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats for PC, console, and iOS.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats for PC

These GTA Vice City Cheat codes are the most popular and valuable in the game. They’re also fun. 

CodeCheat Description
THUGSTOOLSWith this, you’ll be able to receive all level 1 weapons simultaneously.
PROFESSIONALTOOLSYou’ll be able to get all level 2 weapons at the same time.
NUTTERTOOLSYou should be able to receive all level 3 weapons at the same time.
ASPIRINEYou will get full health / maximum health.
PRECIOUSPROTECTIONWith this, you can gain full body armor.
SEAWAYSWith this, your car can drive on water.
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGSYour cars will have big wheel.
WHEELSAREALLINEEDYour car will be invisible, and only the wheels will be visible.
MIAMITRAFFICWith this, the traffic is increased.
GREENLIGHTAll traffic lights turn green.
COMEFLYWITHMEYou can get flying cars.
GRIPISEVERYTHINGThis code can improve vehicle handling.
ICANTTAKEITANYMOREWith this, you can kill yourself.
BIGBANGIt can explode cars nearby.
LEAVEMEALONEThis code can decrease wanted level.
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVEThis code can increase wanted level.
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHTPedestrians are attacking each other.
NOBODYLIKESMEPedestrians are attacking you.
HOPINGIRLPedestrian gets into your car.

How to Use Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats on PC

1. Save the game or have an archive of the game.

2. Choose the cheat code you want from the list of cheats.

3. Type the cheat code when playing the game. You don’t need to pause the game and type the codes.

4. If a pop-up prompts the cheat activation, then you can use the cheat. Otherwise, you need to add it again until you see the pop-up.

GTA Vice City Cheats for Console

Infinite Armor: 

PlayStation: R1 * R2 * L1 * X * Up * Left * Down * Left * Down * Right * Right * Up.

Xbox: RB * RT * Right * Up * Left * LB * A * Left * Down* Down * Right * Up.

Switch: R * ZR * Right * Up* L * B * Left * Down * Left * Down * Right * Up

Full Health:

PlayStation: R1 * R2 * Left * L1 * Circle * Down * Left * Right * Up * Down * Right * Up

Xbox: RB * RT * Left * Left * Down * Down * Right * Up * Right * Up

Switch: R * ZR * L * Right * Up * A * Left * Down * Left * Down * Right * Up

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats for iOS

There is no direct way to enter Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheats for iOS and Android devices. But you can install a hack version; it can do what the cheat code can do.

Hack Features

  • Infinite Ammo 
  • No Reload

How to Get Grand Theft Auto Vice City Hack

1. You can click the download button and visit the download page.

2. Before installing GTA Vice City, you must install Panda Helper first. You must purchase the VIP version if the Panda Helper Free Version is unavailable.

3. After installing Panda Helper, you can search for GTA Vice City in the search bar or return here and download again from the download page.

4. If you have questions, follow this tutorial about How to install apps using Panda Helper.


It’s okay to say that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the legendary games you can consider playing today. The game is perfect for you whether you want to experience a taste of criminals’ life or drive around a city, hangover beaches, or confront criminals. Besides, the cheat codes make your gaming experience even better.


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