Fallout Shelter Hack

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When talking about the Fallout Shelter Hack. Most players may have the same thoughts as mine. If we get the Fallout Shelter with its hack version, we can get unlimited food, water, and power in the game.

Fallout Shelter Hack

As we know, Fallout Shelter is a radiation-themed simulation game produced and published by Bethesda, inspired by games like XCOM and Sim City. And there are many games like Fallout Shelter. We the fallout shelter cheat app, players can build a shelter of their own and control the inhabitants of their protections so that they have a pleasant mood to upgrade quickly. We can search and explore. Day, I’d like to share how you can download the Fallout Shelter Hack without jailbreaking.

How to Download Fallout Shelter Mod APK Without Jailbreak

After general knowledge of Fallout Shelter, some players may be confused about how to get food fast in Fallout Shelter and get unlimited caps in Fallout Shelter. There is a solution. We can download Fallout Shelter for iOS and Android from Panda Helper. We can choose the hack versions that we need from the following links.

And the Fallout Shelter download from Panda Helper supports the Speeder, Auto Clicker, Cheat Engine, Auto Touch, and other features.

The Fallout Shelter not only supports those hack tools ut also has extraordinary hack features.

Hack Features:

  • Freeze Food, Water, Power, Caps, Nukabottle, Medkits, Stimpex…

That’s all the cheats for Fallout Shelter iOS. Next, let’s learn some detailed skills from it.

How to Speed up Time in Fallout Shelter

After learning the hack features in Fallout Shelter, let’s learn how to speed up time in Fallout Shelter. Here is the tutorial:

First, download the Panda Helper from Panda Helper’s official website.

Then, download and install the Fallout Shelter from Panda Helper.

Next, open the game, and wait for a floating icon to appear. And tap the floating icon to get Panda Speeder, as the picture show.

get Panda Speeder in Fallout Shelter

Set the speed in the game you want. And tap it to work.

speed up time in Fallout Shelter 1
speed up time in Fallout Shelter 2

Finished these steps, you have sped up time in Fallout Shelter. Don’t hesitate. Let’s experience it together!


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