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Do you want some perks to use Tinder better? Like using Tinder++ for free? If you like to use Tinder as a dating app, then you must not miss Tinder++.

Panda Helper provides free Tinder++ Mod Apk for users to use. Now you can use the Tinder++ Hack apk for free on your iOS and Android devices.

Tinder Apk Overview

Have you ever heard about Tinder? Would you like to know how to use this dating site and meet new people, and make relationships that can end up in a marriage? Besides, you would like to know how to unlock your profiles, Tinder premium features, swiping, the purpose of each button, and what happens when you finally get a match. Then welcome to Tinder.

Tinder is an online dating app that helps match you to singles near your area and all over the world virtually. The app first hit the market in 2012, yes, ten years ago, and it has since become a pioneering app when it comes to the online dating sphere. So far, it has reported over 340 million downloads, and as of today, you can access it in over 40 languages in 190 countries. 

To use it, first, you need to create your profile. This involves attributing information that best describes you, such as your date of birth, sexual preferences, gender, current location, age, gender preferences, and the distance you’d consider ideal for your relationship. You can also link your profile with external links such as Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook.

 The next thing is to begin swiping. Probably, you have come across someone’s profile photo and skimmed their biography, and you’ve liked them, then swipe right but if you dislike them, then swipe left. If the other person responds by swiping right, then it’s time both of you get matched. Once matched, you can now start a conversation by chatting.

What is Tinder++ Mod Apk?

Tinder’s most unique and attractive design is that you only need to swipe the screen to decide your preferences, and only when both parties like it can you chat.
However, you can only unlock some advanced features after payment during our use. If you want to have more matches, you need to get and like more photos! In the official version, you at least need to spend money to upgrade to Tinder+ to unlock unlimited likes. If you accidentally swipe left on a photo, you like and want to rewind it. You also need to pay for it. And you want to see who likes you for more real money.
But in the version of Tinder++apk, you don’t need to pay for it. You will get the following privileges for free:

– No ads

– Unlimited Likes (semi working. If likes runs out , try using dislike first, or wait a while before continuing)

Every time you want to like more photos or want to go back to a photo that you accidentally slid away, ads appear and you have to pay to continue. Ads like this are always annoying because you don’t want to pay for them. There are no annoying ads in the Tinder++ version, and there is no limit to the number of free likes you can give per day.

How to Make Dark Mode for Tinder?

Indeed, new technologies are making our lives much better and more accessible. For instance, online dating apps like Tinder and others have made dating more exciting and confident. It is not a wonder if you spend hours in front of your screen trying to find your best match or even chatting with someone you’ve found a match with. For that very reason, Tinder realized that you could end up straining your eyes on the screen and came up with a solution: Dark Mode, or the Night Mode.
So, if you’re looking forward to activating this mode, please follow these simple steps. Although the Tinder app doesn’t have a direct button to activate this mode, you can still access it from your device

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Select the Accessibility feature.

tinder dark mode setting

Step 2: Go to the Display option

Click/ Tap on the Dark Theme(s)

tinder++ dark mode

Step 3: Leave the Dark Mode theme active/ enabled

Go and enjoy your app in Night Mode.

How to Download Tinder++ on iOS/Android

Panda Helper is a third-party App Store, you can download paid apps for free from here, or you can download apps with modification functions. But you can’t directly install it++ on your device, you must install Panda Helper on your device first. Depending on your phone system, you can install Panda Helper iOS Free Version  , Panda Helper Android Free Version , and Panda Helper Jailbreak Version.


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