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Overview of Terraria

Before learning how to download terraria for free iOS, let’s know more about it.

As we know, Terraria is a sandbox game with a high degree of freedom developed by Re-Logic. It is also often compared to another game that has taken the world by storm: Minecraft.

Players can do many things in Terraria: you can craft weapons to defeat various enemies and groups. You can collect resources such as wood, stone, and ores. You can dig underground to find equipment, accessories, money, and other valuable items. And you can create what you need out of everything in the world and guard it.

Overview of Terraria

How to Download Terraria for Free iOS

After a general understanding of Terraria, everyone knows you need to cost $4.99 to download and use it. For some players, it’s a little expensive. Today, I’d like to share how to download Terraria for free on iOS. And it includes Terraria Hack and Terraria Mod versions. We can download them from Panda Helper for free and without jailbreak.

In addition, the game download from Panda Helper also supports Auto TouchAuto ClickerCheat EngineSpeeder, and other hack features. I was waiting for you to explore.

How to Hack Items in Terraria iOS No Computer

After downloading Terraria for free iOS, let’s learn how to hack items in Terraria iOS with no computer.

Many players who have played Terraria should know that if you want to build your world in the game. You will need to spend a lot on equipment and materials. Then collecting these will take a lot of energy and time in the game. But today, I will show you how to use a cheat tool that allows you to obtain props and materials quickly.


First, after you download the Terraria from Panda Helper, we can open Terraria and wait a while for the Panda floating icon to appear.

Next, we need to tap the Panda icon and “Get” Cheat Engine, as shown in the following picture.

Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria

Then, enter the value you want to change on Panda Cheat Engine. For example, search for the value of the wood you currently have. It is 47 now. (Choose”=” and “SInt”). The first search will get a lot of results.

use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 1
use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 2

Then return to the game to continue changing the value of wood. Now the weight of the wood is different from step 3, which is 67. And search 67 in CE.

use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 3
use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 4

And now it remains five results. Press “M” to modify the value, then tap “OK” to confirm it, changing all results into 99999 or the number you want.

use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 5
use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 6

At last, go back, and the value of wood is 99999 now.

use the Panda Cheat Engine in Terraria 7

In theory, Panda Cheat Engine can change all game values. In a word, you can hack items in Terraria iOS with no computer. And you can use Panda CE to change other values on Terraria as we use the value of wood to demonstrate. However, sometimes games have cheat detection systems, so Panda CE does not work.


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