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Today, I’d like to share how to download the Animal Restaurant hacks with you. Then, let’s learn more about it.

Animal Restaurant is a business game with simple gameplay and operation. And it has been loved by many players in recent years. The style of the play is mainly cats. By opening a restaurant, you can help cats collect small dried fish.

If you want to make the restaurant better, you need to earn more dried fish. But some players don’t want to spend too much time getting more dried fish. If you have the same doubts, you have come to the right place. The Animal Restaurant hack version was downloaded from Panda Helper and had the Cheat Engine hack features. It can help you get more props easier.

Animal Restaurant hacks

How to Download Animal Restaurant Hacks for Free

After having a general understanding of Animal Restaurant, let’s learn how to download it for free. We can download the Animal Restaurant hacks for iOS and Android from Panda Helper. We can choose the hack versions that we need from the following links.

In addition, the Animal Restaurant download from Panda Helper supports the Speeder, Auto Clicker, Cheat Engine, Auto Touch, and other features. We are waiting for you to explore. All in all, we can arbitrarily change the game speed and get the props we want in the game, which makes our playing Animal Restaurant more experience.

Animal Restaurant hacks 1

The Most Interesting Part

In my opinion, the core appeal of this game is that it can ignite your collecting desire. This game can fully satisfy your craving for players who like to collect.

The content the game can constantly unlock includes guests, facilities, dishes, letters, souvenirs, and more. Animal restaurant guests are designed to be very flattering. Cute little foxes, cute Shiba Inu babies, furry hamsters, cute animals, and a small number of rare human guests will ignite your collection desire any time.

Animal Restaurant hacks 2

Main Scene and Role in Animal Restaurant

Main restaurant: The core place for guests to eat. Guests can order food, eat dessert, drink coffee, and drink. At the same time, the tip station will accumulate offline income. It is the core source of the pre-economy.

Kitchen: The place where food is cooked determines the upper limit of the table turnover rate for guests. At the same time, some facilities will increase offline tips.

Cafeteria: The primary source of income in the later period, cafeterias can bring a lot of offline payment. It is also an important social place for working with friends. (The new version also adds a gashapon machine function, which can extract special items)

Garden: The garden has two functions: planting flowers + receiving letters. Flowers can attract specific guests, and guests will add stars after viewing the flowers. Put different flowers on the courier bird, and the courier will unlock certain letters after flying back. Letters can, in turn, be used to open facilities and guests.

Pond: You can fish in the pond, you can rent it when you catch fish, and you can unlock a specific stall owner. The stall owner will earn small dried fish and plates when they set up their stalls. The plates can be used to unlock buffet food.

All in all, each scene has a clear division of labor and cooperation, which effectively ensures the continuity of the game’s overall gameplay and avoids fragmentation and redundancy caused by scene expansion.


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