10 Must-Play Quest VR Games [2023]

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VR games are slowly but surely making their way into people’s views. More and more domestic manufacturers have launched VR glasses and free activities. However, the best-value VR glasses are still the Meta Quest2. There are also continuous VR masterpieces on the Quest platform, including Swordsman VR, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, Moss: Book II, Red Matter 2, and more. These games have made VR players excited! Today, we will summarize the VR games on the Quest platform in 2023 and recommend the ten must-play Quest platform VR games.


Game Description: A puzzle-solving VR game that I like, which I previously downloaded on my Nintendo Switch but never got around to playing. Now, this game has entered the world of VR. The game tells the story of a hitchhiker with amnesia on a highway. It has a bit of a road movie vibe, and as the game progresses, you will uncover the mystery of your past and face the impending crisis.


Alvo VR

Game Description: Alvo is a VR hardcore shooter game different from traditional zombie-killing VR games. This game focuses more on technology and cooperation, with a bit of a Pavlovian feel. ALVO allows you to run, jump, climb, crouch, slide, shoot weapons, and throw grenades while lying down, creating a unique shooting VR experience.

Alvo VR

The Tale of Onogoro VR

Game Description: The Tale of Onogoro is a whimsical action-adventure game. You will solve puzzles with your partner and face off against huge gods. Use the Yin-Yang Gun, a divine tool, and travel around Oyashiro Island with your partner to stop the traitor’s plot!

The Tale of Onogoro VR

Green Hell VR

Game Description: Green Hell and The Forest have always been popular survival games on the computer. Now, Green Hell has finally entered the world of VR! The jungle, building, savages…it’s the same familiar formula, but with a brand new gameplay. In this dangerous Amazon jungle, how long can you survive?

Cities: VR

Game Description: The VR version of the famous city-building simulation game “Cities: Skylines.” It’s hard to imagine that you can play a business simulation game like a city simulation in a VR game. Now, you will become the mayor of this city, plan and build buildings, and guide traffic. This is the ultimate VR city simulator!

Cities VR

The Room VR

Game Description: “The Room VR: A Dark Matter” was set in London in 1908, and players will enter the depths of the British Museum to investigate the case of a respected Egyptologist who has disappeared. Players will use VR devices to explore various mysterious locations, inspect fantastic small items, and discover surreal elements from a first-person perspective.

Moss: Book II VR

Game Description: Moss: Book VR players highly praised me, and now, Quill is back with Moss: Book II. Moss: Book II is an action-adventure puzzle-solving game that inherits the story setting of the previous game. You will work with Quill, the little mouse, to create a legend.

Red Matter 2

Game Description: A sequel to the highly praised Red Matter, this game has exceptionally high-quality graphics and can be considered one of the best VR games. The game tells an adventure story set in the dystopian Cold War era, following the plot of “Red Matter.” In this story, people are trapped in the virtual reality created by the rulers and can’t escape, but they continue to fight for justice.

Red Matter 2

Beat Saber

Game Description: Beat Saber is a VR and health game that combines sports and games and is suitable for all ages. It’s trendy, and many people buy VR devices to play this game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

Game Description: The end-of-year blockbuster VR game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, has landed on the Quest platform. The first installment was so popular that it could be considered one of the best zombie-killing VR games. In this sequel, you will continue to travel through New Orleans and embark on a journey through the zombie-infested city.

Final Words

These are the ten must-play Quest platform VR games I selected from the VR games released in 2023. There are still many fun VR games on the market, and if I have the chance, I will introduce them to you individually!


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