Life Is Strange iOS Gameplay

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Today, let’s learn the Life Is Strange iOS gameplay together. As we all know, Life Is Strange is a narrative adventure game with playability throughout. It employs a simple but highly functional development skill – rewinding time.

Although the operation of this game is simple and the gameplay is relatively simple, it is already considered somewhat interactive among similar games. The links in the game that require players to participate are composed of optional dialogues and some puzzle-solving links, and the game gives players a relatively large space.

And you need to cost $2.99 if you download Life Is Strange from App Store. For some players, the price is a little high. But today, we can download it for free from Panda Helper.

How to Download Life Is Strange for Free

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In addition, the Life Is Strange download from Panda Helper supports the Speeder, Auto Clicker, Cheat Engine, Auto Touch, and other features. We are waiting for you to explore.

Life Is Strange iOS Gameplay

Just now, we’ve had a rough idea of Life Is Strange and learned how to download it for free. Next, let’s know the focus of this article, the gameplay of Life Is Strange.

The part of the game we can participate in consists of optional dialogue and puzzle-solving parts.

  • If you want to advance the plot quickly, you can continue progressing according to the clues and plot hints in the game.
  • Players who want to enjoy the game at a slower pace can also gain more information by interacting with many investable items.
  • The most exciting thing in the game is the ability of the protagonist Max to go back in time. This is not only the most critical factor affecting the development of the plot but also the game’s core gameplay, making the game one step closer to a movie-like experience.
life is strange iOS gameplay

All in all, my novelty to the game form and the excellent performance of the game in terms of graphics and music, I enjoyed the game process very much.


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